Monday, June 21, 2010

The Twenty-Third Letter

June 21, 2010
Dear Family!

Well, I will have to make this a little shorter cause I spent a lot of time writing emails to Lara and Rachel, but maybe they will share them with you too. So this week has been an interesting on. Well... Sort of. Every week is pretty similar to the last one for me. We do the same thing every day just with different people that we talk to. :) But anyways, I'll get right into the week. Last Monday we had dinner with one of the members here that is actually from China! She moved here like ten years ago and met the missionaries in Vilnius and was baptized! We speak to her in English cause she doesn't know Lithuanian. But she is so nice! She owns a Chinese restaurant and we go there maybe once a week to help her out. But we went over to her house and she cooked us some REAL Chinese food! The stuff she has at her restaurant is more the world’s view of Chinese food but she cooked us some real stuff! I didn't know you could eat Bamboo! Ha-ha, it was really, really good actually! So that was an interesting experience that I never thought I would have in Lithuania. Tuesday was a normal day and nothing really happened. On Wednesday we met with Oleg and he always cooks us Russian food. So I'm just getting a taste for all sorts of foods! Thursday we had a really good day! We taught three lessons and they were really good. We almost got one of our investigators to commit to a baptismal date but he is thinking and praying about it right now. Friday was a normal day and nothing really happened. And Saturday we found a guy that had just gotten out of jail. :) He said that people had taught him about God when he was in jail and he became a believer! He has such a cool guy and honestly one of the nicest people that I have met here. So that was an interesting meeting. We hope to meet with him this week again sometime. And then Sunday we had church and that night we found a wonderful little family and we taught them. We were just knocking on doors again and they invited us in. It gets hard sometimes cause so many people don't want to listen, but it's so great when they actually invite us in! It was a young married couple maybe 25 and they had a little boy. They were such nice people too! It's people like them that make it all worth it. Sunday night are just really good for us and we always have little miracles happen. Faith is a great thing! :) I would go into more detail about things, but I don't have a lot of time. SORRY!! I'll do better next week ok? So That was my week though. Oh wait! One more thing! I became a real missionary this week! Someone said "eik tu sau" to me this week when I contacted them. Haha which translated literally means "go to yourself" but it means like... just get lost. Or something like that. It's not swearing or anything. But people say it all the time here but I hadn't had someone say it to me yet. I just laughed when they said it. And then someone also flipped me off for the first time AND I got chased out of a building by a HUGE dog for the first time! So I'm a real missionary now. :) haha anyways that was my week. Anyways, I need to go but I love you guys! I will try and put more details in this next week! The Church is true and we all need to stick to it no matter what! I can see the blessings so much more of being a member of the church through serving as a missionary. Thanks for all the continued support! You don't know how much it means to me! I wish I had more time to write more but just remember that I love you guys!

Love, Elder Leishman

159 days down, 571 days to go!!