Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Thirty-First Letter

August 17, 2010
Hey Family!

Well, this has been an interesting week. It's been WAY long! It's been SO hot and that just drains you. The work will be a lot easier when it gets a little cooler. But then it will be freezing, so it will just never be good. Oh well. :) I guess I'll tell you about my week. We just relaxed last preparation day and watched the testaments in the teaching center. That was pretty fun. Tuesday we had district meeting and not a lot else happened. Half the time I can't even remember the details of the days! Wednesday I went on exchanges with Elder Cooke, which was great! He was here when I was trained here and he is just a great guy. It was fun to be with him. That went into Thursday, which was my birthday haha, and it was good. The Elders sang happy birthday to me when we switched back from our exchange, but other than that there wasn't really anything else. Just a normal day! I got a package from Kara which was great! I haven't gotten the one from you guys yet, so hopefully that will come in the next few days. But it was a good day. I'm 20 and it's so weird! On Friday nothing really happened but it was still good. That night I went on exchanges with Elder Delinger who is another missionary in Vilnius. Elder Lindell is the district leader so he has to do exchanges with everyone in our district. So I will be doing two more exchanges this week. But that was fun on Saturday and it was cool getting to know Elder Delinger. Sunday we had dinner with the Snows. Brother Snow was one of my mtc teachers and he and his wife are here for an internship at the embassy. They leave to go back home next week, so they had us over for dinner and that was really good. Brother Snow was such a good teacher and it was great to visit with them. Yesterday, Monday we had Zone Conference and that was great! Like you have heard, zone conferences will only be every three months so that will be new. But the spirit was so strong and we learned some really great things about following the spirit. It was just a really great meeting. We are learning to invite people to be baptized earlier in our meetings for a lot of reasons but it will just be better all around. I learned some things that I can do to be a better missionary and I hope to remember those things. So that was pretty much my week, but I need to get going so I will finish up. Sorry that this is a shorter letter! Oh, and we were going to have a lesson with Rojus this week, but he texted us 40 minutes before and said that he couldn't come and we haven't heard from him since. Ahh... He hasn't called us back or anything. SO... I guess we will see if he returns our calls this week sometime, but until then I think that he just doesn't want to talk to us. I don't really understand why because our meeting was so so good. I guess we just have to keep going though. Thank you for all of your prayers on his behalf though. It means a lot. I hope that you all have such a great week. Thank you for all of the love and support and prayers. You guys are the best!!

Love, Elder Leishman

215 days down, 515 days to go!