Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Fifty-Fifth Letter

January 31, 2011
Dear Family,

Well, where to start... I'll just get right into my week. Last Monday I bought a new shirt. :) Haha and no it isn't a missionary shirt. It is a black button up short sleeve shirt that I can wear when I get home. It came with a pink skinny tie as well and I couldn't resist. I can where it when I play shows or something. It makes me look buff... :) On Tuesday we had a good district meeting and I taught about how important teaching the restoration is and using the Book of Mormon as well. I felt like it went well. Wednesday through Saturday not a lot happened. Just the usual "Hunting" that we do to find those elect people. There weren't a lot of people that were able to meet this week either, so that was kind of a bummer. I am glad that January is over cause it was just a long month. Hopefully this month will start to warm up and just be rainy instead of bitter cold outside. And hopefully the people will start to get a little friendlier like you said, Mom. It is amazing how much the weather can affect people’s attitudes sometimes. I really can't wait for summer. That will be so nice. Anyways, what else to say about this week... The scar on my face is still visible, and I kind of think that I will always have a faint scar there. Haha, I can tell people back home that I got it on my mission! Kind of like a battle scar. Haha, but don't worry, it's not that visible. :) Elder Rich and I are doing well. He is a funny guy. I enjoy being with him and learn a lot from him. It really great to see all of the things that you learn from your different companions. I've learned something new from all of them. I don't know what is going to happen this next transfer. Transfers are on the 17th of February, so it's still a few weeks away. I could leave and go to a new city, but I could possible stay for a fifth transfer... I have really liked it here in Kaunas, but yeah. I'll be happy to serve wherever. Next week we are having a zone conference on Monday, so our P-Day won’t be until Tuesday, just a heads up. We are planning on going to this place called Ninth Fort which was a concentration camp here in Kaunas back in WWII. I am pretty excited cause you know that I love history. I've heard that it is a pretty neat place. Today we are actually going to the Branch President's work cause he is a mechanic and invited us to come learn more about cars and how to work on them. So I'm excited for that as well. I have realized being on a mission that there are just so many things to learn in this life and I want to take so many classes at BYU when I get back to learn all of these things! There is really so much to learn and so many cool things out there! But yeah, we're going to go do that today. It has been really cool for me to be reading the Book of Mormon like this. I never realized how much there really is in that book! When you are really looking for specific things, there is so much more that you learn. It has been a great experience so far and I am so excited to keep reading it over the next two months. We are in Mosiah right now, so we are getting to my favorite part. I am so grateful for all of the things that I have learned on my mission. I am continually shocked because I thought that I had a really strong testimony before I left, but I have grown a ton in that area which tells me that it wasn't as strong as I thought it was... or maybe there is just always tons of room to grow. Anyways, I'm grateful. I have really been trying to get better fit and have been trying to eat better. I am amazed at how much better I feel and that it really can make such a difference in how you look and how you feel! At night when I get home, I almost crave to exercise! I hope that I can really make this a habit right now so that it will last for the rest of my life.

Ok, I need to go, but I hope that you guys have a great week and that everything goes well for you. Keep up the faith and remember that I love you guys. Oh and go Cougs!!

Love, Elder Leishman

383 days down, 347 days to go!