Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Seventieth Letter

Dearest Family,

It sounds like you just had a crazy week! I'm so happy for Rachel and all that she has going for her. She has a bright future. Before I forget, next week we will be having P-Day on Tuesday because we are having a mission conference in Riga on Monday. Elder Clayton from the presidency of the seventy is coming to speak and it's going to be pretty sweet. I'll let you know how it is! Another question, my address here in Kaunas is the same as it was last time. The missionaries all just share a mail box in all of the cities. This week has been pretty good. We have just been trying to find some new people to teach. We found one man that is older and pretty Catholic, but we will meet with him again tomorrow and hopefully that will go well. We have been praying that his heart will be softened. Tadas is doing well. We couldn't meet with him this week because he had a bunch of tests, but he came to church. We still don't really know what to do with him, but we will do our best. This week we will just be trying to find those people that are prepared to hear the gospel. I pray that we will be able to find them. To answer another question, I asked how Dainus was doing and the Elders in Center told me that they meet with him every once in a while, but he isn't progressing. Since his mom was so against the church, he just kind of lost interest I think. It's way sad... I hope that he will come back and that his mom's heart will be softened. Yesterday we had a meeting with the Branch Presidency here in Kaunas. All of the missionaries arranged to have a special meeting with them after church. We wanted meet with them and get to know them better and talk about how we can help to strengthen the branch. For some reason there are a lot of members here that don't trust the missionaries and think that they don't actually have testimonies and that their parents just forced them to come on a mission. I don't know whey, but maybe there have been some bad missionaries in the past. Anyways, we want to gain the members trust back and do the best that we can. So we met with the presidency and we made them tacos since they have never had them and we just talked for a while. I was really cool to hear all of their conversion stories. It was such a testimony to me to know that the Lord is preparing people here and they really will accept the gospel. They are great people. Anyways, that was last night and it went well. Things have been going well with my Language efforts. It's tough, but I know that as I am diligent, the Lord will help me. He can help us do anything. It is really warm here and it's nice. It is so green and I love it. It's so much nicer to go outside rather than in the winter when it was so cold! Anyways, that was my week and it was pretty normal. I can't believe that it is going to be June in two days! That is crazy. I hope that you have a great week this week! The church is true!
Love you all!

Love, Elder Leishman