Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Nineth Letter

Dear Family,

Well, I will first start by telling you about my week. This week has been just a bit more eventful! We  have had a few different meetings like in-field language study and hosting meetings yesterday because we got to be hosts for all of the new missionaries! That was a nice change. We just helped the new  missionaries get all of their books and took them to their rooms and classrooms. Pretty much just set  them up and showed them around. It was a one on one thing so I would just take one missionary  around at a time and it was pretty fun. We're like the Vets here at the MTC now! That's so weird to  think. In five days I'll be the greenie again. So my week was pretty much the exact same as always  except for hosting yesterday. It's really starting to close in on me that I'm leaving Utah and going half  way around the world. I'm pretty much freaking out!! I'll be talking to people on the street and trying  to get them to listen to me and the message that Christ has for all of them. I can't even really talk so I'm pretty nervous, of course. Everyone tells me I have nothing to worry about but it's kind of hard not to  be scared and nervous. I'll just have to do my best I guess. Mom, thank you for your package  yesterday! I loved it and I loved looking at all of those fun pictures from our last vacation. It brought  back a lot of good memories. I had a lot of fun that trip as I know everyone else did too. I can't wait to  get back and go to Disneyland with you guys again. Dang, I miss you guys a lot. Those pictures brought back a lot of memories. I love you guys! I also really appreciated your letter mom. You said some things in it that really touched me and really helped me to feel more calm about going to  Lithuania. It's a very scary experience going to a totally new place halfway around the world! But  thank you... I really appreciated your testimony and everything you said. Thank you so much for all of  your support and thank you to all for their support too. Oh and I will probably try and call from the  Salt Lake airport just so you know. I'm really excited to talk to you guys and tell you in more detail  about my MTC experience! And just to talk about whatever else. Tuesday night was our last  devotional which was kind of sad. We never had an Apostle come and speak to us. It was always just a  seventy. Haha I say just a seventy like it's a common every day thing! Sorry I don't mean it like that, we all just really wanted to see an Apostle. We got to see Elder Holland the first day but I wasn't really with it then and it was only for about five minutes so yeah. Kind of disappointing that we didn't get to  have an Apostle come. I guess Elder Perry came the week before we got here and we will probably  have an Apostle come the week after we leave! Haha that's exactly my luck! I have the worst luck in  the world!

The language is going about the same. We taught the third lesson on the gospel of Jesus Christ in the TRC last night and that was actually our best lesson yet and I wasn't even prepared! I have been so  stressed about learning common words and things I can use in a conversation because I'll be contacting in five days so I forgot to learn vocab for the third lesson which is about repentance and baptism and  the atonement... but I felt the spirit so strong and Heavenly Father really helped Elder Manning and I to be able to teach. It's so cool when the spirit helps you out with the language! It's such a cool experience! So anyways the TRC was ok last night though it was still super hard and frustrating... Haha I better get used to that. Well I better go but I love you all so much! I miss everyone but I'm working as hard as I can out here! I hope everything is going well and I can't wait to call on Monday!  Stay close to the Lord and he will take care of all of us! I love you all!

Love, Elder Leishman

57 days down, 673 days to go!