Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Eighth Letter

Dear Family,

So this week hasn't been very eventful again! Just learning a super hard language, being tired, and feeling the spirit! I did pretty much the same things that I've done for the past seven weeks this past week. I study the gospel and language every day. I work out at gym and eat and sleep everyday and then I do it all over again! I am getting more excited and more nervous to get to Lithuania though! We should be getting our travel plans today so I will let you know where I am flying to and what my schedule is next week. I leave a week from Monday or Tuesday! So crazy! I feel like I hardly know the language and yet I will be out on the streets of Lithuania trying to talk to people and get them to listen too what I have to say! That's such a scary thought. So this next week I'm going to be cramming to learn as much as I can so that I can contribute even a little bit to my next companionship. It's going to be quite the adventureso we'll see what happens. Our teachers said that it will still be pretty cold there when we get there, but it will start to warm up soon. I'm so excited to Summer. I'm so tired of having to sit in a room all day without any sunlight! It's pretty much killing me! O I'm exited for that. Oh before I forget, mom, my favorite scripture is Alma 53 verse 20. About the 2000 stripling warriors. Well I have a lot of favorite scriptures but that is one that you can put on my plaque. So a quick really embarrassing story. We got some English elders in our zone this week that are going to Greece and one of them is sitting next to me and I asked If I could borrow his scriptures for a second. The name on his scriptures is Ashley Deeley. His name is Elder Deeley so I said, "Oh, so you brought your mom's scriptures with you on your mission?" And He looks at me and starts laughing and says, "MY name is Ashley!" Man, I felt so bad. Haha he is totally cool though and thought it was funny. He said, "That is a guys name in England!" anyways, I feel really stupid right now! I didn't know that was a guys name! Ugh... so funny story. Mom and Dad, I Appreciate all of your letters so much and love you all so much! It sounds like everything is going well back at home. I hope everyone is getting along and  loving each other! Thank you mom for your testimony too! I love hearing about the cool things you are doing. I love you mom and dad and the rest of the family. I need to go but keep me in your prayers as I get through this last week! I love you all so much and I'm so grateful for all of the support! I'll write again next week!

Love, Elder Leishman

49 days down, 681 days to go!