Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Seventh Letter

Hello Family and Friends!

Well, this week hasn't been much different than the last six weeks! I really wish I had more to talk about! All of us elders here talk about how we never have anything too write about because we do the same thing every day! Study our brains out and sit in class! The only thing that keeps us going is Gym and Letters and of course the spirit and our will to serve our Heavenly Father! So yeah, the only exciting thing this week was that Elder Manning, an Elder in my district, went to the hospital! His appendix almost burst! He has having some sharp pains so they took him to the hospital to have a cat scan but they couldn't find anything. He was still in a lot of pain but he came back and had to be really careful. We gave him a blessing and the next day he has totally fine! It was crazy. It's amazing how the power of the Lord works. He was definitely looking out for Elder Manning. Other than that this week has consisted of studying really hard, teaching in Lithuanian, and learning new gospel and grammar principals. Gym is still my favorite part of the day and I'm still working out which is fun! I have about two and a half weeks left here in the MTC so I'm excited to get to Lithuania but also pretty nervous. I don't know this language! It's coming along, but I don't know know nearly enough to communicate well! I guess that is how it is for everyone. My zone is pretty awesome. We just got and addition of twelve Greek speaking missionaries, going to Greece of course. They are pretty cool especially the ones from England! They are so funny. The TRC went well this week. Well if you call saying a few phrases and scrambling to think of how to say things right, that I guess it went good! It's still so hard to learn this language, but I have a little more hope that I will be able to get it in time. All I can say is that the first month of so... or Two years... will be pretty tough. Our teachers say that it's pretty crazy trying to get used to it and the change. I'm looking forward to getting out of the MTC, but also pretty nervous. It will be quite the change. Well, I have to run but I wanted to say that I love you all and I'm so grateful for all of the love and support and prayers. I wouldn't be here without all of your wonderful examples! I'll write again next week! Love you all!

Love, Elder Leishman

43 days down, 687 days to go!