Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Sixth Letter

Dear Everyone out there whom I Love!

I've made it five weeks and I'm still alive! Things really haven't changed much here. I do the Same thing every day but I do feel that I am learning a lot. There is so much to learn here! I feel like I have learned a lot about the gosple and Lithuanian, but When I look at the big picture of things, I see that I really have SOO much more to learn! That applies to all areas of my life. The more you learn, the more you realize how little you really know. I'm starting to get the language a little better, haha only a little better! I can say simple pharses and I know enough words to make more sentences now. The gramar is the hard thing! There are so many rules and it's so hard to aply them all. But it's coming along. The food is still horrible here so I am still trying to eat as healthy as I can. And exercising every day too. There isn't to much more to talk about other than the food!! The TRC went well last night and we have it again tonight. Well... I say it went well because I could say more, but we still can't really say much and it doesn't make much sense to the investigater! But it was encouraging. We are going to be in for a treat when we get out in Lithuania. We won't understand a thing! Our teachers are talking almost the whole class period in Lithuanian so my brain is always killing from focusing and thinking so hard! It's frustarting at times but it's for our own good I think. We wont get a break out in Lithuania so we better just experience it right now. I can understand ok... ish... when they are talking, but I can only pick out a few words so I have to guess on a lot of things. I guess that's how you start though. I just can't speak back! I need to know more words, but there isn't enough time and we only have four more weeks here to learn it all! So it should be very interesting when we get there. All in all, things are coming along and I'm learning. I don't think I would be doing it at all though without the Lords help. I've been really blessed to even know as much as I do and I still don't know much! I just thank God for the help he is giving me. I wouldn't be doing it without Him or all of your prayers. Thank you everyone. And thank you for all of the wonderful letters and packages! Uncle Todd and Aunt Cindy, thank you for the Valentine's package! I loved it and it was so nice of you! I really appreciated it. Grandma Lambson, thank you for all of the letters and the little package. It made me smile. I will try and respond personally to everyones letters, I just have so little time! Grandma Leishman, thank you for your concern and love and the wonderful letter. It helped me a lot. Thank you to everyone that wrote on that nice letter my family sent me. From Grandma Lambson's party. I appreciated eveything that was said! It was nice to hear form all of you. Thank to all of my friends for the letters and the continuous love! And to my own family for your love and support. Every single one of you guys are so great! I love you all so so much and I miss you too. Thank you everyone for all the love. I love you all so much too! Stay strong!

Love, Elder Leishman

37 days down, 693 days to go!

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