Monday, August 2, 2010

The Twenty-Nineth Letter

Dear Family,

Wow, it's been yet another week! Though it's been a longer one! It's been way hard to find anyone that wants to listen to us so we've just been doing hours and hours of finding. I know we'll find some people though soon. I Hope that we will anyways. I guess I'll get right into my week though. Last Monday we just got some McDonalds and watched old church movies that are really badly made so it's fun to kind of laugh at them cause they really are so bad. Everyone always dies at the end of them! Tuesday we just contacted and knocked on doors all day. Wednesday and Thursday were the same. Friday we found a guy on the street and pulled him back to the teaching center and taught him about the restoration. It was a really good lesson and the spirit was really strong. He was so willing to listen and was so humble! We gave him a Polish and Russian Book of Mormon cause he speaks those languages better but speaks Lithuanian just fine. It was just a great lesson and we were so sure that he was going to go somewhere. He said he was going to come to church, but we called him before to remind him and he said he couldn't meet with us... So maybe we'll call him in a few weeks or something. It's disappointing, but what can you do? You just have to keep going! I know we'll find some good people. We had a few investigators when I was here before like Sergejus and Tanja, but they just turned into the eternal investigators. We are trying to set some stuff us with them, but they are really busy. They need to get married and they want to, but I don't know. Hopefully we can meet with them and get them going again. Our other investigators here are gone and I don't really know what happened to them. So we are really starting from scratch. Elder Lindell is the District leader here so that technically makes me the senior companion, but in Lithuania it doesn't really matter. So you can't really tell that I am. Everyone just know each other here so well that we just work together to figure everything out. Anyways, Saturday we had this big even called Rumšiškis, and it is just where all the members from Lithuania get together and do skits and have food and the only do once a year. So we all got to go and all of the missionaries were there and it was a lot of fun. It's pretty much the only day of the year where President Dance lets us have a free day. So we played football and stuff in our missionary cloths and it was fun. It was cool to see all of the members there too and see that there really are some people that want to listen! There are such great members here and it's so great to see all of them! I;m grateful for them. So that was an all day thing and it was good. Then yesterday we just went to church and I am on exchanges with Elder Hilton right now. I'll explain. This week all of the zone leaders and district leaders from our mission went to Riga for some new training that the church is putting out. It's pretty cool cause they haven't done anything like this for a long time and Elder Perry and Holland are at the head of it. The things that they are teaching them are focused on helping us to be better teachers and to use the spirit better. So there are like forty missionaries in Riga right now and they will be there til Thursday night. So I will be with Elder Hilton until then. He is a really cool guy and it will be a good week. He has only been here in Lithuania since June, so I'll see how good my language skills are! It will be intense and quite a challenge for me, but I think it will go ok. So, It should be an interesting week! That's it for me though with this week! It's been a long tiring week but that is ok. It builds character right? haha... So to answer a few questions really fast, I did have a hard time with Elder Lindell in the mtc. I was a little bit worried when I found out that I was going to be with him again, but I just said to myself that I just need to relax and be humble and it has been ok. He's a really intense guy and doesn't really smile a whole ton or laugh to much... So it's hard at times, but I appreciate what you said about being humble and just being as Christ Like as I can be. I know that I have things about me that I'm sure other people don't like so I've just been trying to be humble and be the best that I can be. But, so far there really haven't been any problems and things are a lot better then they were in the mtc. But thank you for your advice dad. And thank you mom, for all the things that you said. I love that you go to the temple so much and it really is such an example to me. I hope to do what you do when I get back. I really loved the temple the times that I got to go. Dang, I wish that I could just write to you all day! In the short moments when I have time to think, like when I'm laying in bed at night, I often think about the family and the things that I can say to you to strengthen you and help you feel the love of our Heavenly Father. Well, I had better go. The other missionaries want to go eat at some grill place. I hope that all is going well with the family and that you guys are happy! I know that this is God's true church on the earth and that through it we can be so happy. I know that I have felt so blessed by being part of it. Remember that Heavenly Father loves us all so much and that He will always be there for us in our trials and our troubles. So rely on Him. We have no reason not to. I hope you have a great week! I love you all so much!

Your Elder Leishman


201 days down, 529 days to go!