Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Sixty-Sixth Letter

April 25, 2010
Dear Family,

About my week. We had a really busy week preparing for Vida's baptism. The baptism was great though and She went through with the whole thing. She was very worried about her health leading up to the baptism, but she is fine. She has been so accepting of everything since the very beginning and she is now on the path to get back to God. She is so wonderful and is the sweetest lady. I will send a picture at the baptism. I don't know what else to say, haha! I was so good seeing her progress from our first meeting with her to her baptism. It was great being a part of it all. That was my first baptism! This week, Loreta will be getting baptized and she is doing great too! Vida has just been so accepting of all that we taught her, but Loreta is a little different. She has been investigating the church for a really long time and things have finally clicked for her. She is so sincere about her investigation and you can just see that she has come to know that this is God's true church. She has a little three year old daughter too and Loreta is setting such a good example for her. I am excited for her baptism this Saturday. In the mean time, Elder Whicker and I are trying to get our teaching pool built up again. This week we will be dedicating a lot of time to that. This week I also had a great interview with President Dance. We talked a lot about what I want to accomplish on my mission and how I need to use these last eight months to do the best that I can because It could set the tone for the rest of my life. He also asked what my plans are for when I get home so that he can figure out when I will be going home. I told him about needing to get back for school and he said that he will work with it and let me know in a few weeks. That is so crazy that he is already trying to figure all of that out. Time goes by so fast. Oh, and I am going to the dentist tomorrow, so that will be fun! Ugh... I think I found a pretty good one and I will make sure to get a receipt for you, Dad. I hope it all goes well. This morning all of the missionaries in Vilnius got together to play football and it was a lot of fun! It was a lot of fun getting out there to run around. I told you that Elder Manning is going to be the Quarterback at Utah State when we get back right? It was fun being his receiver! He just throws perfect balls! It was a lot of fun. But that was my week.

Please be safe all of you and stay close to the Lord.
Love, Elder Leishman

460 days down, 270 days to go!