Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Seventy-Second Letter

June 13, 2011
Dear Family

Well this week has been pretty slow for us. Not much new at all. haha... We haven't had a lot of success with finding people, but I have faith that they will come. God is preparing people that we need to teach and help. On Saturday we went out to one of the center elder's investigator's house to have a BBQ and help him work on his house which his is building. It was a lot of fun. We moved a ton of stuff up into the top of his house and it was a lot of work. Tons of bags of cement! But it was great to get out and work with my hands. We had the BBQ afterwards and it was so good! But here is the really funny part... Orestas (the investigator who is about 30) had a friend over that was about 18 or something. I don't know how that works out, but whatever. But she was really nice and stuff. But when we were leaving, I was just kind of staring off across the field and she comes out of nowhere with her arms open to give me a hug! That is just a normal thing to do. Here at least. But it shocked me and I kind of freaked out! I kind of jumped and backed away and just stuck out my hand for her to shake and she looked so confused! I explained that we don't hug as missionaries. hahaha... There isn't anywhere in the missionary handbook that says we can't hug people, but it is kind of like an unwritten rule. But to my embarrassment, I found out when we were driving home that she had done the same thing to the other elders and they had just awkwardly hugged her because they didn't know what to do! So when I reacted like that, she was probably super confused and probably hurt! I felt awful after I found out. Poor girl. She probably thinks I am this jerk and just didn't want to hug her. Anyways, I just felt super awkward and bad. What funny things you have happen as a missionary. Thought you might like to hear about that.

Also, last night we were singing down on the big walking street here in Kaunas. We have started doing that and it is really nice. I didn't want to do it at first because I felt awkward, but it has been such a great experience the few times that we have done it on Sunday afternoons. It helps people to see a different view of us and to feel the spirit. So, last night this blind woman stopped to listen and right as we were singing the last hymn, a drunken man came up and started bugging her. The sisters wanted to go talk to her because she was obviously feeling the spirit as we sang. So, Elder Hilton and I skillfully went and distracted the drunken man and got him away from the woman so that the sisters could talk to her. Haha, he kept telling us to go away, but he followed us anyways. Oh drunk people. They are so funny sometimes. But Elder Hilton and I were proud of ourselves and then the sisters had a good conversation with that woman. Funny story. But things are going well with me and it is just hot. There is no relief from it. :)

You guys sound like you are doing well! I'm so glad that you have all had a great time on tour! Mom, I am so glad that you got to go on tour to experience what we experience. It is such a special time. I really wish that I could do it again. I want to go next year if I can. That means that you should go too and then we can hang out. :) The people that you meet and the things that you see as a member of that choir are unforgettable. I almost start crying just thinking about it. What a great thing that choir is. I experienced so many good things and my testimony grew so much through that choir. I hope they keep doing it for a long time so that I can have my kids in it. That would be great! Anyways, I just love that choir and am so glad that you have had some great experiences. That was great to hear about that girl staying active because of that concert we sang a few years ago. That is so cool!!! Go spiritual experiences!

Well, I need to run, because we are going to the zoo! That should be fun. :) It was a lot of fun when I went last fall. I want you all to know that I know this church is true and we are all so blessed to be a part of it. God loves each of us individually and knows us. I am so grateful for that. I love you all so much and miss you!

Love, Elder Leishman

P.S. That town that you guys went to in Colorado sounds just like here. :) except it's probably worst here... But it is good for the kids to know the good from the bad. Then they can know how good they have it.