Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Third Letter

Hello everyone!

So it's been two weeks now and things are as crazy as ever! I seriously use every minute of my days doing something and I'm not exaggerating! The week has gone by pretty slow but since last time I wrote, there hasn't been to much that has happened. I know, it's been a whole week, but I pretty much do the same thing every day. STUDY! Probably ten hours a day of study and class room time. Sunday was a pretty good day because I got to go to choir with Elder Eric Kitchen and Ryan was our director. We sang Joseph Smith's First prayer and of course Ryan told us all sorts of stories and It lifted my spirits a lot. Elder Allen, the managing director of the missionary department, came and talked to us for the fireside and he was really funny! He had some elders in the overflow stand up and and were on camera in front of the rest of us in the main auditorium and tell one thing that they had given up to come on a mission. He has doing his talk on Alma 26. Awesome chapter! You should all read it. It helps a lot with trials and enduring to the end. Anyways, the first elder stood up and said that he had given up getting married to go on a mission. Elder Allen asked where she was now and he said, "She's here." All 2,500 of us in the auditorium were like, What!! and it was really funny and everyone was laughing the then this sister missionary stood up and Elder Allen asked if it was her and it was! Crazy! The elder that had stood up was actually the Elder that had escorted me on my first day... so kind of funny! That would be the worst! Anyway, we got to see the Joseph smith movie that night too and that was really good. The rest of the week I've just been studying and Elder Snow, the president of the seventy, came and spoke on Tuesday night and that was really good. We taught our first lesson on Wednesday night in Lithuanian and it was so hard! We have to do it again tonight! I said a total of about 15 words because the language is not coming very easy to me. So I pretty much just bore my testimony at the end and my companion just taught the rest of the lesson and I chipped in every now and then but it was so so hard. Not knowing how to say exactly what yo want to say. Man, it's not fun. So that's pretty much it for my week. I'm working hard and trying my best and I know the Lord will bless me to be able to teach those people in Lithuania and I'm excited to get over there and share the gospel. I'm already starting to love the people over there from what our teachers have told us. The gospel is a wonderful thing. I love you all!

Love, Elder Leishman

For those of you who don't know, me and all of my siblings have been or are a apart of the Utah Valley Childrens Choir. Elder Kitchen is one of Lane, Rachel and My good friends from the choir, and Ryan is one of the conductors. I am so happy he got to see them and sing with them, a blessing. A little piece of home brought to him. We love you so much Lane!

22 days down, 708 days to go!